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In PredictWatch we develop A.I. and smartwatch based innovative technology allowing for effective relapse prediction in substance (e.g. opioids, alcohol) and behavioral (e.g. gaming) addiction.


Approximately 9% of general population suffer from addictions or substance abuse. The total cost of addiction treatment and prevention is estimated at over 500$ billion a year in USA. Relapse rate in addiction varies form 60 to 80 within one year after the treatment and only in the case of prescribed opioids results with 48,000 deaths each year in USA. PredictWatch was founded in 2016 as an academic spin-off. Using smartwatches and smartphones we have developed robust methods allowing for relapse prediction with over 85% accuracy even 48 hours in advance.

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Take control over your addiction and start living your dreams. appstaINer is a powerful application that uses the world’s most effective addiction relapse risk prediction technology – RISK (R) *.




Michał Sokołowski


Entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience working for the largest companies in the financial, retail, and energy sectors. Expert in digital transformation of enterprises in the areas of new business models, products, as well as sales channels and customer communication.

Maciek Skorko

Maciej Skorko

Member of the board

Scientist and entrepreneur. Assistant at the Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, where he creates research tools for experimental psychology and conducts research on the influence of computer games on cognitive functioning. Founder of PredictWatch and esportsLAB, which creates technologies supporting the development of esports players.

dr hab. Mateusz Gola​

Member of the board

Psychotherapist and neuroscientist helping individuals with addiction through clinical work, cutting edge research and novel technologies development. He is an associate professor of Polish Academy of Sciences and University of California San Diego and has authored and co-authored over 120 research publications on neuroscience of addictive behaviors.

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KRS 0000633069
NIP 966-21-05-748
REGON 365200740

The company’s activities are financed under the project: Development and real-world validation of machine learning-based methods for predicting and reducing the risk of relapse in addiction”. Contract No. for the co-financing POIR.01.01.01-00-1051/20-00.




Short description: Addictions are a very socially significant problem affecting approximately 9% of the population. Every year, around 350,000 people benefit from addiction therapy in Poland, 3.1 million in the US, and 627,000 in the UK. Research shows that on average 65% of these people return to addiction within 2 years of completing therapy. In any case, relapse is the drama of the addict and his relatives. In many cases it ends in death.
Project value: PLN 8 625 487,79
Project co-financing from the EU: PLN 6 101 863,76


Operational Program Intelligent Development 2014-2020. Priority axis 1: Support for R&D works by enterprises Measure 1.1: R&D projects of enterprises Sub-measure 1.1.1: Industrial research and development works performed by enterprises
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